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kate weston

Orange Top



Wave 105 – The country’s largest regional radio station - The Breakfast Show, The Drive-Time Show

Forces Radio BFBS – Broadcasting to the British Forces around the world -

The Saturday Show, The Late Show & The Middle East Breakfast Show

A Brush with Bristles – Comedy Series


voiceovers (Home broadcast / recording studio – ISDN, WAV, MP3):


Continuity for Wedding TV

Voice of: BT Openworld, Symantec, NHS Direct, PC Specialist Ltd.,

Instock Hardware & O-Bit Telecom.

Narrator of Astrid's Wedding - Six part series for Wedding TV

Narrator of Egg Timer Tales – Three minute stories for children – Buena Vista for GMTV

Voices of Lucy and Lunar C – Scuttlebut – Children’s animated series

Wave 105 logo
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